“Your liberal, laudable lesson was lavish in spirit, in information and in presentation!  Lady, you can teach!!!…Feedback was so positive!  Thank you!  Know that because it was you teaching we had a great turn out…Your reputation preceded you and after this, you will be acclaimed THE BEST!” KMS, Indio, CA


“Instructor was very knowledgeable and made the class interesting and humorous at times.  Delightful.”


“Great course.  Good guidelines.  Good resources.”


“Very well presented.  Nice interaction with students.  Well worth my time!”


“Good background and basics.  Very useful and helpful.  Would like more.”


“Found LaRae presented herself and her subject extremely well.  Am looking forward to searching my roots.”


“Very well prepared and very well presented.  Non-stop useful information from 1 to 4 o’clock.  Wonderful!”


(These people would not take a break, even when offered one.)


“Good presentation by instructor which enabled good class participation.  Interesting subject matter presented very well!  Enjoyed the class!  Time passed quickly.”

“Great introduction to what is needed for confirmation of data.  Liked handout and explanation of basics.  Teacher very friendly.  Knew her stuff.  Can we have more…”

What people like about Write Your Own History.

“It was very interesting!  The instructor was excellent!  The workbook was very helpful and the class content was appropriate for me specifically.  I believe this class is beneficial to everyone and should be offered every semester and summer class.”  Student at San Jacinto College


“Well planned, well organized, well presented.  (LaRae) jogged memories that I did not know were there.  Please come again.”  LF  Ridgecrest, CA

“Please schedule more classes ASAP.”  An adult student at San Jacinto College

“I liked the information about how to sort out and organize your memories.  I have so much that I want to pass on, but it seems overwhelming to begin.  The folders and file cards are a big help.  The teacher knew her subject well and is a very good communicator.”  Retired Photographer

“Actually everything was very interesting.  However, I found the ‘jar box,’ the file folder, keeping index cards in purse, car, etc. very helpful.  Thanks for a very informative and helpful twelve hours.”  MH  Instructor

“Not too complicated or overwhelming. Everyone participated.  The ‘excellent’ outstanding teacher.  Please come back!  I liked and appreciated all of it!  Has stretched my mind into thinking –’maybe I can write!’  And certainly this class has given me the right foundation.”  BW  Retired teacher

What did I like best?  Her material and her attention to all of us.  San Mateo

“The course was well presented.  The presenter was informative and her enthusiasm was great.  I believe the course would be even more enjoyable if it was longer, perhaps a one or two day workshop.  All the information was very useful and I am going to start immediately.”  San Mateo

“I came/took this class because I want to write my history, but have been overwhelmed with how to start.  LaRae pulled the starting point together with her proven ‘Memory Jar’ method and final ‘writing suggestions.’  I leave today enthusiastic to write the history.  I understand and know how to document/research its validity.”  San Mateo

What People say about Write Like a Pro: Create Pictures with Words.

“Delightful experience – more than I was expecting.”  San Mateo

“The instructor knew what she was talking about.  The practicum was fun and interesting.  Greet class.”  San Mateo

“What did I like best?  Her material and her attention to all of us.”  San Mateo

“Knowledge and examples.  I want it longer – perhaps all day – or a several day course.”


“Good, usable information.  Very pleasant, not a minute lost.  I would like more…”

“Interesting.  Wish I could have more time.”

“I liked sharing stories and the ways they can be woven into make your book.”

The above comments are from adult students at Mt San Jacinto College.


What people say about George Allen Wadsworth – Pilley to Panaca by LaRae Free Kerr.

This family history received a first place award in the Idaho Press Women contest.  It was one of ten finalists in the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies of England contest and a runner-up in the Heart of America Genealogical Society contest in 1985.

“LaRae, LaRae, Dear LaRae!  The BOOK came today! I am at a loss to express my feelings at all adequately.  There are no superlatives to apply with any justice.  Surely you must have been given a doctorate for the research! Within seconds of reading just a few ‘dipped into’ words I was in tears and had the most humungous lump in my throat – an event which has never happened to me before.  That was ten hours ago and the pain is still there.  I could not have imagined such a splendid piece of work might have been done on our family and so well presented too…Your prose speaks to me not only from across the ocean but across the years and the meticulous manner of reporting, precisely, all the transactions is masterly.  Bill Bryson and Garrison K eat your hearts out!  Michael F.  A new-found cousin from England.


What people say about Essays for Getting Through Life.

This book is a compilation of essays written for and performed weekly on KRIC, an NPR affiliate station.

“Your talk on KRIC was masterful.  I want a copy…I could smell the pine nuts.  You are one of my blessings.”  MCP-S

“For the past year, LaRae Free Kerr, has written and produced a program entitled ‘QualityQuest’ which we have aired on KRIC-FM, a public radio station broadcasting to Eastern and Southern Idaho, Western Wyoming and Southwestern Montana.  ‘QualityQuest’ is a weekly program of about three or four minutes in length which deals with topics of interest to a wide listening audience.  Mrs. Kerr discusses topics that deal with an improved quality of living, with family and values vital to happiness. The programs are always well-written and demonstrate Mrs. Kerr’s command of writing as an English teacher at Ricks College.  She voices the program herself which adds to the intimacy of communication which she achieves.  Her voice is very warm and sincere – a good radio voice.

“We have had excellent listener response to ‘QualityQuest’ since we began airing the program.  Many listeners have telephoned or written requesting copies of a particular program broadcast.  The response to ‘QualityQuest’ has been far greater than to any other program of its type that KRIC broadcasts. 

“As Program Director of KRIC-FM, it is a privilege to recommend ‘QualityQuest’ as a program which most successfully fulfills the expectations of its title.  It is a positive and uplifting program of outstanding quality that should find success on stations of a wide variety of formats.  It is a program that deals with human values in a world where such values are often forgotten.”  LaMar Barrus